i fly to spain really early tomorrow morning and i’m so nervous. i don’t know why cus i’ve been going on planes since i was 6 months old and i’ve flown alone before. just feel so in edge and i’m gonna miss my boyfriend loads and i kinda wanna just stay at home if i’m honest.

this is probably the silliest thing to get annoyed about

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woken up crazy early and i’m not seeing my boyfriend until around lunch time/early afternoon and idk what to do with my morning

might have a bath, watch bridesmaids and pack my case seeing as i fly in 2 days

but the thought of getting out of bed doesn’t appeal to me just yet


its friday night and im home alone, instead of inviting people round/going out i’m having a bath with the door open

my family have gone to spain and i dont fly out there til monday so i’m home alone for tonight and i’ve been home 45 minutes and i’m honestly so fucking bored i wanna cry

why do i have no friends to keep me company

my boyfriend’s just told me he wants to move into our own place within the next couple months. i honestly want that more than anything and it’s actually gonna happen. so scared but so happy.

literally can’t wait for the day i get to fall asleep and wake up next to the one i love