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managed to get myself a full-time apprenticeship at a solicitors today! so so happy that i can finally do a 9-5 five day a week job and get my social life back, plus the pay is ridiculously good! after 3 years of working in retail i finally get to leave!

dropping out of uni to do this was the best decision i ever made. so so happy aaaaaaah

idk you might not be able to see much of a difference but the photo on the left is me a year ago and the one on the right is a couple days ago and i didnt actually realise how much weight id lost (particularly round my hips/thighs)  til i saw this old photo. im nowhere near happy with my weight yet but this has given me motivation to try harder 🎉
SOMEONE HELP ME PLSSSSSS i know this is rlly badly edited but i dunno whether to get my nose pierced or not cus i have a weird shaped nose n all that so i did this lil edit thing quickly and im not sure if it suits me or not??? someone help

fed up of being fucking scared to sleep, fuck sake.


it’s only been 3 days but i genuinely think that dropping out of university was the best decision i’ve ever made.


last night was perfect

tonight was perfect

finally fully content and happy with everything and i love it


tomorrow morning i’ve got a meeting to fill out my exit forms and i’ll have finally dropped out of uni and for the first time in 15 years i won’t be in full time education. scaaary.


made the decision to drop out of uni, really hope its the right choice.

~lil update selfie thing~
look like an ultimate ballbag but this christmas/new year has been the best and worst ever. christmas day i was ill so that was pooey, then i worked 4 long shifts the days after so it didnt feel like much of a christmas, plus i lost my grandad bill, only 5 weeks after losing my great-grandad fred (same side of the family), which obviously put a downer on the whole “festive and joyful” vibe. but new year was saved by the best 12-18 odd people i know. we had the nicest night (despite the fire alarm goin off at 12:10am and having to wait til 1 for it to go off) and its made me so grateful for the friends i have. also spent the night, yesterday/last night and most of today at my boyfriends (couldnt get home on new years day cus no buses) and it was so niiiiice. didnt even really do much but i proper enjoy his company and even though he tells me to go die or that me breathing is his biggest problem in life (dick), i’m ridiculously grateful to have him also, and it was the best start to the new year.
and now i’m still super ill and tired and gross with ridiculous eyebags/panda eyes and bird nest hair
happy new year