last night was one of the best and worst nights out i’ve ever been on. i feel like shit today and my self confidence is at rock bottom, but it’s my one year anniversary with my boyfriend tomorrow, so despite everything i’m the happiest i’ve ever been right now.

my nipple piercings have taken aaaages to heal but they’re finally getting there yay 😁

need to lose at least a stone in weight for me to be happy

i can’t stop crying. i’ve never felt so ugly and disgusting before in my entire life. just want all this unhappiness to end.

feel so fucking fat and disgusting. i just want to cut away all this awful flab from my body and be happy with myself. i’m trying so fucking hard and it’s getting more difficult to deal with my appearance. things need to change, and fast.

could really use a friend right now but i dont feel like i have anyone i could talk to.
tonight sucks.
fuck everyone.

im ridiculously bloated tonight and it’s making me feel hideous. i look absolutely massive, fuck sake. all i want is to be thin but it’s such a difficult thing to achieve, i’m so fucking unhappy with my body.

my boyfriends mum and step dad are going away for a week tomorrow, so im gonna stay there all week with him and im so excited. last time it made us discuss moving in together so hopefully this time will move it along further. everything is going so smoothly lately,
i love it so much. this week is gonna be perfect.