stormyy-weatherr: You could pull it off I think :)

thank you! :)

Anonymous: Why are you even with your boyfriend? like what makes you want to be with him

idk if this is a dig or a genuine question because of the way its worded but ok

i’m with him because, as cliche as it is, when i’m not i feel like a part of me isn’t here. he makes me feel like i’m the most important person in the world. sometimes when i’m with him its like we’re the only two people that exist. he’s my best friend as well as the person i love. we act like we hate eachother most the time but we know that it’s in fact the exact opposite. he knows exactly what to say when i’m upset and constantly makes me feel happy and good about myself. he loves me for me. he’s the first thing i see when i wake up, and the last thing i think about before i sleep. i’m completely head over heels and even though he doesn’t talk his feelings i know he feels the same. i wanna take the world by storm with him by my side. he is the other half of me and i wouldn’t change that for the world.

Anonymous: i think you're super beautiful but i'm not that keen on the septum. if i remember correctly you have a nose ring? stick with that as it's wonderful on you :) xxx

i dont have a nose ring! i considered it but given my job i wouldn’t be allowed it, whereas i could hide a septum.

but thanks for your opinion and compliment! :) appreciate them both my
lovely xxx

ty for the opinions guys rly helped thnx so much